Corporate Insurance

Our Corporate Insurance Division has dedicated Senior Brokers that are highly qualified in the design, placement and management of complex commercial insurance.

Every business is unique even within industry sectors, so it is vital that a thorough process of analysis is applied to each and every Client we partner with.

Our service begins with a Gap Analysis. Through risk profiling and gap analysis we ensure that a thorough and detailed review of your exposure is conducted.

Once we have a clear understanding of your risks, we can then look to mitigate them through a review of your business systems and procedures. Risk firstly needs to be understood, and then controlled. Risk Mitigation is an essential part of the process.

The next step is the Risk Transfer which is achieved through a variety of Insurance products. Expertise in the Insurance market and product options are essential to ensure your business receives the appropriate Insurance Program to suit your needs.

Finally, if there is ever a need to make a claim, this is when the strength of our relationship is the most critical. Quite simply – we will be there when you need us most. Our specialist Claims Management team and hand selected external service providers have a proven track record of getting you back into business quickly and efficiently.

We have access to an extensive range of Insurance options through our national network which allows us to cater for any organisation size and structure.

Our Services are Utilised by:

ASX Listed Companies

Large Private Companies

High Risk Industries

National Businesses

Business Insurance

Risk Analysis

Warren Saunders Insurance Brokers work closely with our Clients to ensure we have a deep understanding of their business and are able to identify the true risk exposures. This includes the impact of key risk events in strategic, financial, operational and reputational terms.

Insurance Analysis

Insurance Analysis involves matching the unmitigated risk that a company is exposed to with the appropriate insurance product while being mindful of the strength and capabilities of the selected Insurers.

Claims Management

Our claims management team will provide you with the best in class service to ensure the efficient and effective settlement of your claim. We are there when you need us most.

National Workers Compensation


This is why Warren Saunders Insurance Brokers have built a large team of highly skilled professionals to protect your business.

Our large and expanding Workers Compensation Division enjoy an outstanding reputation within our industry, which is built on the foundations of honesty and integrity, and a proven history of success. Our team possess unparalleled expertise with over 100 years combined NATIONAL workers compensation experience.

This is of vital importance when considering that legislation, premium formula and different schemes vary across Australia. Our team has been carefully selected to ensure that they have a comprehensive understanding of claims and underwriting principles, legislation (nationally), detailed knowledge of corporate structures, strong analytical skills, and an ability to communicate with people at all levels.

Our unique strategy takes a holistic approach to maximise your outcomes and minimise your costs. We offer a high level, customised service that delivers comprehensive solutions across your entire workers compensation program. See across for more information on our services or call us now on
(02) 9587 3500 if you would like complete peace of mind in this most important aspect of risk management.


Engage us to provide you with the peace of mind to know you’ve had a workers compensation specialist review your entire program at no up front cost.

Premium Funding

Maintaining cash flow in your business is undoubtedly the prime objective in planning for future growth.

Insurance Premiums are often one of the largest lump sum payments that can effect the cash flow of any business. These lump sum payments force business to direct capital away from other investments which may be vital to the future of that business. Through our premium finance facility your insurance premiums can now be spread over monthly payments throughout the year.


Insurance premium finance is similar to leasing. The same cash flow management principals hold true for insurance premiums as they do with leasing. Insurance premium financing simply allows individuals and businesses to spread insurance costs over an extended period.



  • Working Capital – retention of funds in the business working for you rather than a loss of funds outright from which no return is available.
  • Cash Flow – ability to regulate the spread of outgoings to a level to suit your business commitments.
  • No Additional Guarantees – security is taken over the insurance policies. Thus no additional guarantees are required. Assets are left free for other business needs.
  • Alternate Credit Facility – premium financing is one further form of credit available to your business.
  • Tax Deduction – instalments are tax deductible and documentation is simple and straight forward.

AB Investigations

ABI specialise in factual and surveillance investigation on the back of our excellent reputation within the Insurance Industry.

Our extensive industry knowledge and expertise enable us to investigate a broad range of personal injury and insurance claims.

For more details please visit our website at


"Since 2002 ABi has provided EML with quality investigative reports and support on a number of key projects, helping our organisation drive better claims outcomes for our customers. It is ABi's industry expertise, coupled with their outstanding service which recommends them to organisations seeking specialist investigation services."