Coal Mining Legislative Changes

Do you have workers on a Coal Mining Site?

New Legislation:

Section 31 of the Act requires employers in the coal industry to obtain workers compensation insurance from an approved workers compensation company for their employees in that industry. Currently, the approved workers compensation company under the Act is Coal Mines Insurance.

The Act now includes a definition of employer in the coal industry to make it clear that any employer whose employees work in or about a coal mine is required to be insured with an approved workers compensation company with respect to those employees and their employment in or about a coal mine.

Any employer of employees who work in or about a coal mine will be required by legislation to obtain workers compensation from Coal Mines Insurance commencing 1 July 2018.


What to do?

Please contact Warren Saunders Insurance Brokers to arrange cover with Coal Miners Insurance


What does it mean for your other Policy?

You will still have your policy managed by iCare for NSW, the portion of employees working or contracting on mining sites will now be required to take out another policy.


What will happen to my current Classification?

Unfortunately Coal Mines Insurance only have a selected few categories they are as follows; 

  • Open Cut Mine
  • Underground Mine
  • Operational Mining Services – Onsite
  • Operational Mining Services – Offsite
  • Administration – Onsite
  • Administration – Offsite

Coal Mines Insurance (CMI) don’t offer separate categories for Labour Hire, Consultants or Contractors.

Depending on the site you are visiting will determine the appropriate classifications above the task you are performing while onsite.


Questions to ask yourself

If the first question is a “Yes” then a Coal Miners Insurance policy is required;

  • Do you work on a Mining Site?
  • Which Mining Site/s you would attend?
  • Time spent on each Mining Site?
  • What activities would your employees perform while onsite?

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