iCare COVID Premium Impacts

iCare confirms that claims related to COVID-19 won't impact premiums.

iCare have confirmed that they will exclude COVID-19 claims and COVID-19 vaccination claims from the individual claims experience of Nominal Insurer policy holders to protect any individual employer or industries from disproportionately being impacted by COVID-19. For more information click the following link – https://www.icare.nsw.gov.au/

They have also updated their information on workers who have suffered an adverse reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine. iCare stated that in certain circumstances an adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine may be covered under workers compensation. To be covered, it needs to be satisfied that:

  • The vaccine injury arose out of, or in the course of, the worker’s employment; and
  • The worker’s employment was a substantial contributing factor to the vaccine injury or was the main contributing factor to a disease injury; or
  • In the case of a heart attack or stroke injury, the nature of the employment was a relevant factor in increasing the risk of the injury.

For more information on this, please visit the following link – https://www.icare.nsw.gov.au/. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on (02) 9587 3500, theteam@wsib.com.au, contact your account manager or click the link below.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Have you ever considered the financial ramifications a costly legal battle could have for your business?

The justice system can be complex and expensive. Legal expenses insurance provides you with affordable access to legal advice and representation when you might otherwise be deterred from exercising your legal rights. 

Business legal expense insurance offers your business three key benefits:

  • Legal Expenses:  If legal action is necessary, legal expenses insurance products are there to cover some of the legal costs and expenses of certain future legal actions and may include coverage for adverse cost orders.
  • Resources:  access to many helpful legal documents which can assist with your legal needs as well as access to the Document Review Cover. This permits policy holders to have two eligible documents reviewed by an Appointed Advisor during the Period of Insurance. The use or completion of these documents is solely at the customer’s risk.
  • Legal Information Helpline:  access to a confidential legal information
    helpline for general information about Australian legal matters. The call will be referred to a legal service provider who will be responsible for the information provided. 


ABC is a small business that employs 5 employees. Following repeated written warnings for tardiness and rude behaviour ABC provides written notice of termination. The employee was upset and felt that he has been treated unfairly and pursued a wrongful dismissal claim against ABC. ABC had followed the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code providing the employee with warnings before the termination. The insurer appointed lawyers to challenge the jurisdiction of the Fair Work Commission and negotiated the withdrawal of the claim. ABC had a nil excess. All legal costs were covered by the insurer.

If you would like to find out more about this product please contact us on (02) 9587 3500, theteam@wsib.com.au, reach out to your account manager or click the link below.